Multi Channel Newbie Help

Any boards out there you'd recommend for newbie easily make multi channel amp? Hypex Options way to costly- I just want 30-50W for my tweeters and 100W for my woofers for all 7 my bed layer DIY speakers. I see Hypex you can sting enough modules to a 1200W PSU but that's big bucks I dont have- so looking for something similar for us normal people that don't have thousands sitting around and something we can di our toes into the murky waters.
I have the AIYIMA TPA3255 4 channels, and I would not recommend it.
This thing does a really loud pink noise through my HF108 compression driver (conversation level noise, not a simple hiss from getting your ear against it!). hypex nc400 is almost silent when plugged through the same DSP & driver.
Found this PSU has 3 Com 3 +V

You'll have to give a quick dirty idiots run down of ABD Mod and PBTL haha


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