Multi-channel Class A from ApexJr X-Formers?

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I purchased 2 of the 1010 VA Torroids from ApexJr(4 x 37.5 V secondaries). And was wondering if I wired them together by paralleling the secondaries on each transformer then wiring the 2 transformers together in series to generate a center tap would I be able to run multiple channels of something like an Aleph 3,4 etc. I'd probably be using evaporative water cooling just for reference.
I guess another possibility is to use just one transformer and wire 2 of the 4 secondaries in parallel and then series each group of 2 to make the center tap.
Unless I did my math wrong this way I could get around +/- 42V rails after rectification at about 13A.

Obviously wouldn't be able to draw as much juice this way(compared with using both transformers), but I'd only use one transformer and could save the other for another project. Anybody got a recommendation for me?
Excelent. On a different note does anyone think this is crazy?Or maybe better stated am I gonna regret doing this?

-If I were to make a separate chassis for a large power supply with both transformers (probably wired separately). In other words a large box that would have 2 positive rails and 2 negative rails that could feed several "amp modules" located in a different chassis. The power supply would be located close to the amp modules to keep wire runs short. I'm considering this because I'm flat broke right now and could likely make the power supply now then add as many amp modules as I can afford/fit in the separate chassis as my budget permits. I haven't had a project in a while so I'm sure you all understand I'm a little wired (no pun intended) to get going.

One advantage to this is I was planning to use water cooling to save rack space and having several channels in close proximity and in the same chassis would simplify running in cool water and extracting the hot water since I could more or less run a large intake and exhaust hose and split it to each module inside the chassis.
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Check your math

I think you made a slight math error in calculating your DC voltages after your bridge rectifer 37.5 X 1.41 = about
52.5 v dc then you lose a volt or so in the bridge so about
51 v dc not 41v. True when you load the transformer down
you will lose a few volts.

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