MTX Thunder TA421D output inductor value?

So i have repaired a small MTX amplifier for someone. Everything is finished and working correctly. I need tk know the oem value of the output inductor. It has completely shorted, i can not get a reading. I will just go with the exact amount of wraps and wire gauge if no one has the information.
I used a test inductors of 80uH well 72uH by the time i could make it fit. The amplifier has full audio and seems to be working as intended.
Does anyone know the oem value i need to make the inductor?


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It's very odd that you can't get any reading. Even with the two meter probes directly shorted, you're likely to get some reading.

That inductor may have a short but it looks relatively good. A shorted turn will generally leave it with hot spots. Multiple shorted turns will typically melt the insulation before the amp fails. The insulation on this one looks relatively good except for a few areas. There doesn't appear to be anything that would result in 0 inductance.
Same lenght of wire a 3" longer, (to compensate if need be.)
The inductance is now 125uH, which i had to unwrap over 1/2 of the old wire just to finally get a reading of 69uH.
If anyone can shed some insight on this inductor for me, it would be greatly appreciated.


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