MTX BTA 2100

So... I have an MTX BTA 2100 here. The problem it's now having is it is blowing the MPSA06 in the remote turn-on circuit. Collector is B+, emitter is to Vcc of the 494 thru a 10R resistor and the thermal switch, base is controlled by opto that is switched via remote wire input. If you short C to E the amp will power up and idle fine. I can't find any problems other than this transistor failing. I see this transistor also powers the 494 output collectors thru 75R resistors. Can I install a TO202 device like an MPSU06 to handle the start-up current draw or is there an issue that I need to take care of? I have another one of these amplifiers and it did not need any change to this circuit.
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It is an Orion circuit. I will see if I can track it down. It only supplies power to the 494 and it's outputs. I have a working example to compare to fortunately. I got this amp non-working. The transistor has failed twice in 2 ways. First it shorted CE, second open CE. I've got the output section fixed and the amp will function without drawing excessive current. I imagine I should be looking over the circuits from pins 8-9 of the 494, correct?
That's what I gathered as well, around 3mA total. I think I've found the problem/s. The input power ground planes on either side of the board were no longer connected. They are normally connected thru the board mounting holes and the board has been in and out of the case so many times that the plating was pulled from the holes. I took care of that problem.

Also, I had left out the input smoothing caps for more room to work and noticed that the power LED was slow to illuminate fully. I installed the input smoothing caps(one is connected to the drive supply and one is connected to the transformer input center tap) and noticed the power LED now immediately lights up. I think I may have made my own issue by leaving out the input smoothing caps.