MTMWW Design Thoughts

Well I bit the bullet and purchased the drivers for my upcoming MTMWW project. I am nicknaming the project "VADER" for Vifa, Audax, Dayton, Extended Range. For drivers I selected the Audax AP100Z0 4" as a midrange. Two of these will be used in an MTM configuration with the Vifa PL27TG-35 tweeter. To fill in the low end there will be a pair of Dayton 10" classic woofers. These will be big imposing speakers (hence the name). I've really just started to think about the cabinets, but it should go pretty quick once I ge the drivers measured.

I could use some help with is the crossover design. Right now I was looking at a first order butterworth between the mid and the woofers at around 350Hz, this seems to model pretty flat (of course I'll hold out until I make my own measurements). What I am having trouble with is getting a nice smooth transition between the tweeter and the mids, I was thinking of using 3.5k as a crossover point with a 2nd order crossover, but I get a dip at about 2.5K. Also I will likely need to pad down tweeter a bit.

Anythoughts would be appreciated.