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MTA Series 924 Analog Console - $5000 (Sausalito)

We have a fantastic sounding analog board for sale! The MTA Series 924 Console. It's a 24 channel console with a 4 band signature sweep EQ per channel and 8 auxiliary channels. It also features 24 busses inline with the main and monitoring channels as well. It has the capabilities of 48 channels at mix down.

It contains the same sought after microphone pre-amps and EQ that were in the Trident-MTA 980 and 990 consoles.

It was originally purchased for $14,000. It was exposed to a very light amount of water at one point, but was professionally dried and all channels have been thoroughly inspected and tested. It is in great working order. We are selling it because have switched over to a digital console.

This would be perfect for a home studio, church or school and anywhere else that needs a great sounding analog board. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We are located in Sausalito, California. Contact [email protected]


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