Mr. Pass what do you listen to, cd or lp ?

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I'm not Mr Pass but Mr Pedro:)

I listen mostly to LP's.

All the new albums I have, I see it first if they exist in vinyl.

I have 60-40 % vinyl CD's.

I believe that the futer is digital, but might be a market for the Audiofreaks. (if Ferrari's, Leica's, :) can sell why not LP's?)

recently bought the vinyl of MMW/Uninvisible and St.Germain/Tourist.
Still waiting for the post man, i keep you informed whether the vinyl is better than the CD :)

Me? listening to CD? only if i must, cultural pressure and stuff, like the music not being available on vinyl.
And my next tonearm will play shellacs too. My current one doesn't allow the angular swing.
It's sad to say and really hard to predict when it'll really happen, but the future IS digital.

I wasn't sure about it untill I finished my latest DAC. It beats my analog system which was in $2,000 price range. Also, most of the music I'm listening to is not available on vinyl, and if it is, cost more than CD. The other advantge of CD is simplicity and quality of copies made, which recently started to dominate my collection (otherwise I couldn't afford my music;) ).
promitheus said:
dice45 what would you say a good DIY turntable would be, but not so expensive as the scheu ones?

no idea. Scheu ain't cheap but not expensive either, considering the quality he delivers. TMK, alterenatives to Scheu are in USA hence unaffordable. The US$ has about the same purchasing power as 50 ¤-cents. So US products are about twice as expensive for Europena buyers.

Why not desinging you own? You make drawings and if you wish, i comment them and suggest possible enhancements. We could do it here and other diyAudio members could join in and we could have a group project happen like the Teres.

Yes. The original board with good parts and good crystal (very impotant), parallel 1704K DACs, plus elaborate power supply including 6 split bobbins transformers supplying 11 separate voltages for digital section alone (this includes 44 soft recovery rect. diodes) and 2 split bobbins transformers for analog section with 4 additional voltage supply and 16 more rect. diodes. The big improvement was made by adding separate supplies for digital and analog section of the DAC chips.

My analog rig was MapleNoll air bearing turntable, BluePoint Special and Pass Ono. Nothing extreme really, but as far as I could go with analog.
For me the sky is the limit.

The whole intention behind the CD Pro transport is to use it as a main source. From what I've heard so far, eliminating SPDIF connection should be the major step forward, so I will either use I2S with AD1865 with no oversampling or something along 1704 DACs from BurrBrown, whatever sounds best.

So far, I consider it the only way to go. SACD doesn't have enough title selection (my main interest in music is industrial stuff) and oversampling along Elgar DSC (or whatever it's called) is too expensive. I must also admit that my current digital setup sounds really good.
Industrial Stuff


Wow, that's some kind of music!

I think I know the answers to the following questions (knowing what you've built) but I just have to ask ......

1. When you listen to music, do you listen from the beginning of the song to the end or do you scan thru the CD and listen to bits and pieces?
2. Do you listen them loud or just as background music?
3. Do you listen (if loud) with the kids and wife at home? I assumed you've got wife and kids.
4. Which is most important to you? Low, mid or high?
5. Is achieving 16Hz bass important to you?
6. It feels loud just by reading it! How's your hearing?

Please don't take any of my questions as being offensive ......
promitheus and all,

My problem is that I don´t know in what direction to go from here.

suppose it would not hurt if you start to write a technical specification. What do you expect from your TT? place for one tonearm or two or more ? weight? size?
What sort of motor appeals to you, AC or DC, asynchronous or synchronous? belt drive or friction wheel drive or direct drive? how many speeds, 33, 45, 78 ?
speed regulation or is ist sufficent for the start to adjust it manually?
Appearance? Shall the platter be shiny, translucent or can it be a grey slab?
Subschassis/leightweight style or heavy weight?

What sonics? What music do you listen to? Is PRaT important?

As i proposed, we can have discussion here and after we have settled on preferences (fighting over a spec can be fun :) ), design choices narrow automatically.

For the record, i have a ready TT in mind. But i'm not going to tell you about it. Too easy. Who ever participates in a diyAudio TT project shall have the feeling he has contributed and it is his design as well. I will ask questions and i will supply info and maybe organize obtaining parts.
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