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For Sale MPaudio, LT3045 based linear reg modules, 7x ALD & 1x SLS (Europe ship.)

Things you have for sale.
I sell a few modules from MPaudio (HPULN).
=> 7 units of the ALD-HPULN
see here => https://www.mpaudio.net/product-page/ald-hpuln-ps
=> 1 unit of the SLS-HPULN
see here => https://www.mpaudio.net/product-page/sls-hpuln-ps

All => mint condition

Price => 100Eur / module, + shipping (with tracking No.)
Payment via PayPal.

If you take them all => you can ask for a "special price" of course.

I'm located in Paris surburb (FR).

Shipping :
  • free, if we can meet in Paris area
  • to be det., depending on your location / only to european countries (simply because I have no clue about shipping pricing worldwide :) )

These linear regulation devices are quite well known / high quality / versatile (output can be set to any output voltage thanks to a trimpot)

These modules are designed with various LDO LT3045 in parallel.
LT3045, from Analog Devices, is one of most efficient LDO on the market : very low dropout, high PSSR, etc…

Of course the heat sink dimension is not huge, but far enough sized if you use upstream a source of current not too far from the output DC voltage.

Upstream source of current can be :
  • a toroid (AC source)
  • or a DC source

Please note that all the HPULN I sell are "AC/DC".
Thus, you can use upstream either an AC or DC source.
Of course, if a DC source is used, keep in mind that the rectifier bridge drops the input voltage by 0.8VDC before reaching the LT3045 stage.

All my HPULN worked on low charges. In average to deliver 0.2A to 0.5A.
The heat dissipation never exceeded 3W / module, depending on the AC or DC source.
In most cases the heat sink remained "mild / cold", never "hot" (anyway, it's useless to use a too big voltage drop).
The average voltage drop through the LT3045s (except rectif. bridge) was between 0.7 & 1VDC, and results were perfect as such (see datasheet of LT3045 for more info).

Interested or questions, just ask via message or email.