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Maybe some Polish forum members can help me out. I am traveling to Poland for couple of weeks and would like to get some hard to find amplifier parts from either mouser or digikey Poland as they are either expensive or not available in India. So are the sites and local Polish sites?

As I see that even we have the sites similar in India like and but when you place the orders they actually ship from USA so expensive shipping and on top of that local custom duties are applied. These sites are actually are intended for local currency conversions as well as language I guess. But do the Polish sites also behave the same that when I place the order with Poland address will they be shipped like from USA so the expensive shipping or custom duties.

So is their any local site to order good quality parts like resistors, capacitors, relays, LDRs etc., in Poland.

thanks in advance.
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At least Mouser are registred in several EU country's.
It works great, but they ship from Texas IIRC.
Anyway, shipping time is 3 days to my frontdoor in Sweden.


Forgot to mention in Poland.
Not that many exotic parts, but besides that they have almost everything for nice prices. 24Hr delivery.
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Thanks Trollet, If mouser ships from Texas IIRC then I believe when it lands in Europe they charge the taxes right additional?
what about digikey.

I order from Belgium and the Mouser shipment comes from Munich in Germany. No duties, no VAT.
But just try it - it will say during the ordering process whether they (Mouser) take care of it, or whether they 'assume' you will follow proper procedures. ;-).

Ordering and shipping locations are not connected. Mouser Poland is just for convenience of Polish customers, so they think they are talking to their own people. ;-).

I sometimes order from which is in €, sometimes from, which is in US $. No difference. It's all one huge website.

But I bet if you order, from whatever site, your stuff gets shipped from Munich. They have a regular transport chain from Texas to Munich, and serve EU customers from there.

Mouser ships from Texas to Poland with FedEx. It takes 2-5 days. Orders over 200 PLN are shipped for free. All customs and duties are handled by Mouser and are calculated at checkout. Farnell is another popular option, shipped from UK or Belgium if I recall correctly but prices are generaly higher. Locally TME is decent, 24h shipping, no exotic parts tho. You may aslo be interested in HFO Elektronik. Small shop but carries really interesting NOS parts in really good prices.

Manniraj, if you are planning to come to Poland, you can easily order from Mouser. But if you do not have much experience with transport companies and good knowledge of transport law, avoid Digikey - the randomness of additional fees is common :-( Besides, as BamboszeK wrote. Apart from Mouser, I recommend TME (local), Farnell.
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