Mounting heatsinks upwards,, yay or nay?


2010-11-22 11:24 pm
I thought about mounting heatsinks facing upwards ontop of the amp case for ease of mouting everything from the bottom.


So now I want to burrow your knowledge about if this would be a bad idea, or a good one.

Would the heatsinks cool as efficiently as if they were mounted sideways as normal or worse?

Thanks in advance,

IMO the heatsinks won't be very effective since there's almost no air convection. The heatsinks job is to pass the heat to the air and the heated air needs to be replaced with fresh air.
There's still some radiation but convection is more important.
Given you put another amp, preamp or whatever on top the heatsink will only heat what's on top, not cool the amp.
Better try to put heatsinks at the side of the amp with the fins in vertical direction. Power electronics are built like this for good reason. :)