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Morel Elates and Dynaudio and Seas, oh my!

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Morel Elate SW10 - These have Morel's 3" hexatech voice coil licensed from Dynaudio.New, never used, never installed. I bought these brand new in '06 for around $400, but I I got side tracked. I pulled them out to list them, and I found that a couple of the plastic packaging clips had fallen out, and the woofer was leaning on top of one of them, right on the rubber surround. (See photos) The surround is fully intact though, and in light of the fact that they have full grills, it's not something you would ever see.
These go for $350 a PIECE today.
specs and current pricing here:
Elate SW 10 - Morel 10" 200 Watt RMS Subwoofer
$200 get's you BOTH of them.

Dynaudio D-28AF/pair. These were part of the first kit I put together in the mid 90's, and actually saw use through the late 90's. In the early 2000's, I upgraded those speakers to D260's, and these have sat since.
They work perfectly, but as you can see, the domes have gotten dimpled over the years.

Seas P25-REX 10" woofers/pair, 8ohm. Brand new, never used, never mounted, in perfect shape. These are fantastic small box woofers. I made a pair of speakers with these back in the day, and the bass is superb for what you'll pay for these.


I'd rather sell these to someone in Northeast Ohio that can pick them up directly.
My willingness to drive half way is directly proportional to how many of them you want. :p
But I might go 60 miles+ one way if someone wants all of them.

I don't use paypal unfortunately. Long story short, I got tech support, it was wrong, cost me money, they wouldn't accept responsibility. So I don't use them anymore.

What doesn't sell in the next couple of days will get listed on Ebay for a little bit more.

I also have some mint Dynaudio D76AF's with Dynaudio grills, and a pair of D21AF's that were mounted but never even saw 5 hours of use total, also with Dynaudio grills.
I'll take the morel woofers, if no one in Ohio wants them and you are willing to ship them of course.

It's not that I don't want to ship, it's that I can't use paypal.

I got a pm from someone who wants the Seas woofers and is going to send me a money order in advance.

If you're willing to do that, then no problem, i'll ship them. I'll have to add a shipping fee of course. I prefer to ship with insurance, and you can only do that with Priority mail. So figure $20-ish.

I'll have to use spacers in between the woofers and connect them together cone to cone. Then i'll wrap the woofers in bubble wrap, and nothing short of dropping them from a building will damage them.
I obviously can't trust those darned plastic clips to hold up. That clip cost me a good $100 over what I had planned on selling them for.

If it helps everyone, i'm stargate47 on ebay.
eBay My World - stargate47

Somewhere around 180 feedback, just a few negative.
One guy who ripped me off for $350 on a guitar (I sent it back, he didn't give the money back), actually had the guts to say I scammed the system. And winning the paypal claim did little good, since the guitar wasn't fully covered. Ah the fun times i've had on ebay. :rolleyes:
If anyone is interested, everything is still available.

I'll be posting pics of the Dynaudio D76AF's and D21AF's sometime tonight, along with the grills.

$225 a pair for the D76AF's, $125 for the D21AF's.

The D76's don't even have a hundred hours on them, the D21's were purchased from NOS in '06, and don't even have 5 hours on them.

If anyone is interested, get in touch with me right away. What doesn't sell here is going to get listed on Ebay, probably tomorrow.
Ok, here's the pics of the D21AF's and D76AF's.



A word about the D76's. There's very light scratches on them from rotating the grills to line up the holes.
I never realized this until today when I took the grills off. They're light scratches, not all the way through the paint, and I had to take a half dozen pics to even get it to show up.
If you used the grills, it would of course be of no concern.
But if the intent is to put these in a very well lit small space, yes you can readily see the scratches up close.
The one (right side of the pic with just the midranges) has two long scratches that are visible, the other one has two short scratches that are barely visible.

The D21's on the other hand are perfect with the obvious exception of the paint at the holes from mounting screws.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.