More SPL / weird phase vs less spl / common phase Question? Which is better?

I've been staring at this WinISD graph for two hours now and I have to make a choice and I don't really know which answer is the right answer.

1. Do I add in the mix a subwoofer that produces more SPL (Devastator)?


2. Do I pick the box that conforms more to other boxes in the phase category (sealed)?

And why?

First let me start out by saying that I already have 6-Pa460 in sealed boxes (RED) and 2-Fi audio 15Vx3's in sealed boxes (PINK). Now, I know Staying with all the same alignments has its benefits..... but so does gaining a lot of SPL and past that I really don't see too much of a difference in the other categories like power consumption or excursion which is all in check. I should be able to to get to a reasonable SPL level regardless of which choice I make also, I'm not trying to or need to shake my house apart, just need a reasonable movie level....and maybe a little extra.

So, BLUE and PURPLE are 8-JBL1240 Drivers.... one choice is all 8 sealed (BLUE) """OR""" all 8 in Devastator boxes (PURPLE) 6th order bandpass. Oh, and I have a minidsp2x4HD and a umik1 mic already, I'm not new around here.

Crossovers are set like this-
2-15Vx3's - 2nd order BW at 10Hz with 3000w - 8 cuft
6-Pa460's - 2nd order BW at 15Hz with 1500w - 20 cuft
8-JBL sealed - 2nd order BW at 10 HZ with 2000w -16 cuft
8 JBL Devastators 2n order BW at 18Hz with 2400w

Here is all sealed

Rectangle Slope Plot Font Line

Rectangle Slope Plot Font Triangle

Here is the group delay for all of them

Rectangle Slope Plot Line Font

And here is sealed with the Devastators

Rectangle Slope Plot Font Parallel