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Hello all

Morel question again :) Here it is. After a lot of time spent contemplating different Morel drivers and the projects available with them I saw that very similar setups have very different XO's. For instance there are two Morellines: the one from and the one recommended by Morel, which has plans available on the Morel Europe website. They both use the MDT33 tweeter, the audiokit one uses the MW166 midbass while the Morel recommended one either MW166 or MW164 (with the same XO). So we have the same driver combination, the same enclosure, but different XO's. There also is a closed box design using MW164 and MDT29 from a dutch (?) magazine (a diyaudio user sent me the plans).

So this is what I did. I took the SPL and impedance plots from the Morel datasheets and extracted the data from them to .FRD and .ZMA files using the SplTRace tool from the FRD Consortium website. Then I simulated the result using XoverSim. Well, the results differed by more than a small amount. The Morelline (both the Morel recommended and the audiokit versions) had a huge dip of more that 9 dB, centered around 3KHz, while the design from the dutch magazine had a way more smoother SPL (and impedance!) response. I tried switching the tweeter's polarity but to no avail.

Now, you'll say that using manufacturer published specs is a waste of time. I know that, but still, one thing that they shouldn't lie about is the SPL, and one can see that the published SPL param correlates to the SPL graph. Assuming this, the results of the sim also say that for the Morellines the tweeters are way too attenuated! At least this could be deduced from the published specs. Could this be an explanation why many say that Morel tweeters are too soft? I think this is plausible.

Anyway, even ignoring the 2 paragraphs above, one question remains: which of these designs to choose without hearing them? At least the Morellines, has anyone heard them? Any impressions/mods/etc about the sound or xovers?

Edit: I'm attaching the files with the results. The first one is the Morelline from the Morel Europe website, the second the Morelline, and the third the design from the dutch magazine.
The blue line is the system SPL response, the green one the system impedance response, the other 2 are the woofer unfiltered and filtered SPL response.

The details for the designs:


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