• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

more ebay stuff

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from that i can see yes. but a little higher end. should have it monday or tuesday. ill get it working to see how it sounds.

i just want the case for my tube amp project.

at one time it was a high end surround sound home Theater amp.
im going to start posting stuff on my webpage. i have so much stuff i dont use. and im sure other people could.

ill post a shot of the back side of the module so you can see the pinout when i get it :D

ok one module works it's a 2 channel at 150 watts other one only one channel works here's a pic of the back

its basic top pins power middle pins input outer pins output
would work good if someone wants to make a sub.

all around sounds great.


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Challenger tube amplifiers. Model: CH60

theres holes made in the case so i offered $350 canadian
he sold them to me;) now what would u do fix the case or make new ones? these are for myself so i dont care if it brings down the


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$350? CAD? I'm in the states and picked up a similar model at a flea market for $10. Looks almost the same but uses 6L6s and smaller transformers. When I brought it home the first filter cap was a dead short and the rectifier had almost zero emission. After replacing the cap with one a bit larger the B+ measured pretty high for 6L6s so I switched the octal sockets with the 5 pin speaker sockets on the back and ran 807s.

For a while I thought I would try playing the guitar and used it for a practice amp. My guitar days didn't last very long ;) Just suprised to see another amp like it.
Super Tube Amps waiting for mods.........

Find a pair of the Hammond organ amps with the quad of 6V6GT & pair of 6J5 tubes. These cost about $50 to $70 each on eBay.

Change one 6J5 to a Sylvania 6SN7GT 'T' type plates with a twin tail phase invertor design & use any 6P5GT (best) or Sylvania 6J5GT preamp tube to that 6SN7GT. The B+ went thru a speaker field coil magnet, thus you will need to jumper this out. Keep in mind, the audio transformers are excellent with cathode feedback windings & even have a following up to 8-watts for SET type amps. The PS is an LCLC design with an oil cap on the output. Even the pair of chokes have a low DCR.

Triode connect the 6V6GTs (15-watts output available) & make sure bias is at -25 volts thru the cathode resistors. If the B+ exceeds 350 volts, change the stock 5U4 to a 5R4 rectifier tube (Sylvania 5R4GYB are best). The best 6V6GT (never the metal tubes) are older Sylvania & believe it or not, newer GE 6V6GTA with grey oval plates.

Be prepared to hear a set on monoblocks that outperform most amps that cost over $2K or higher in cost. If not, review your mods to the amp, something is missing on your part. Remember, the amps sounds only as good as the preamp driving it.

Note: The oil/paper coupling caps are fragile, you may wish to change to inexpensive AuriCap. AuriCap take about 200 hours to reach their potential sonically.
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