More Delay?


2009-12-15 12:15 am
Is it that the system has used all the available processing? if so what do custom plug-ins cost?

Yes, that's correct. This unit is already providing a lot of processing for the size of the board.
As for custom plug-ins, they only apply to OEM deals, so I'm afraid that it won't work.

May i suggest you think about why you need more than 2.53m of delay? With the suggestion I gave earlier, reducing delay by moving the sub in space rather than moving it in Digital domain, I've experienced many times in my P.A days that sometimes it's only a matter of doing proper physical alignment of speaker boxes, vs trying to get the processor to do the work. E.g. place the sub below your horn/mids box and you'll see when you time align with an Impulse response that 2.5m is quite a lot..

Anyway, my 2cts


2009-12-13 9:17 pm
I wish moving the sub was an option but the IR of some of my tapped horns is as much as 26ms, so it be a little ridiculous have it that far forward and not possible in areas. Guess I'll keep hauling my MediaMatrix around for now

Thanks, maybe it will be possible for miniDSP in the future