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Monster H/T subs in Germany/EU

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I have decided to upgrade possibly, if I can sell my current subwoofer system for what I would need to get.

These are possibly some of the largest, highest output subwoofers you will find for H/T. I had the XXX 18" subwoofers custom built for my H/T application, they have the last generation of the Adire XBL2 motor on them. 32mm 1-way stroke. The condition of the drivers themselves is 9/10 due to age only, they are in flawless condition. You can't really get a driver like this anymore for a decent price, especially one with a motor that has this low of distortion... Dual 2 ohm coils.

The cabinets are large, around 6ft3 and tuned around 17-18Hz. They are constructed of 1" MDF and weight around 200lbs each without the driver installed. They are finished in non-paper back Mahogany veneer on all but the back and bottom. The are stained with cherry and have 4 coats of polyurehtane over that. The cabinets are almost flawless from all sides except the back, wich is paited black....

They sound very good, especially with music, which I use them for 90% of the time. They can handle a ton of power, 2Kw rms per cabinet will not reach the excursion limits anywhere above tuning, but they also are faily efficient due to thier size, I am currently powering them off of a 400 wpc solid state amplifier and they have enough output in my listening room for all but the insane.

The nice thing is that I am in Germany, so shipping could be cheap for the right person. I am not sure what a good price will be for these, please email me if you are interested, they are pretty much over the top, so they would have to be for someone who appreciates this type of equipment. Local pickup would be best. I won't hassle with parting these out, or attempting to ship back to the states.

I would reccomend at least 300-400 wpc for normal listening, for all out H/T or very large rooms, a nice pair of 1-2Kw/channel pro amplifiers would be the best ticket. In room SPLs in my old house were in the neighborhood of 130db @ 20 Hz with these at the listening postion, which was around 8-10' from the drivers, this was with roughly 5kw of power....

I have better pictures also, my buddy Ken is in the one the night we firied them up for the first time.



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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.