Monolith Rebuild

I am in the process of thinking about rebuilding my monoliths which consist of a Fountek JP3 tweeter, a Vifa PL11 (4" midbass), and two Dayton RS270 10" woofers, specifically for smaller footprint.

My thought was to add a second midrange, and make it a 3.5 way design, rolling in the second woofer around BSC, and the midbass section ported to 60hz which seems to make the maximally flat response, and I can't get an F3 of above around 150 with a sealed enclosure, however, would a linkwitz circuit be appropriate?

The new x-over points will be all be LR 4th order at 4000 between the tweeter and mid, and 100hz between the midbass and woofer section.


(the picture represents a Vifa PL11, Fountek, then Vifa PL11, then there is a port below them on the woofer enclosure, and the two woofers on the side).


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