Monarchy M22B DAC


I bought a 2nd hand M22B DAC for some time. I didn't like it much before it sounds a bit harsh to me. I had the 0.1uF at the input of the Line Stage replaced with Jensen paper-in-oil cap few weeks ago. The Jensen cap really makes it sound much more smooth and musical. I have got the Mundorf Silver-in-oil cap few days ago and I replaced the Jensen one with it. The Mundorf one sounds more clear and detail especially in mids and highs.

I just hope if someone could e-mail me the schematics of the M22B DAC so that I could understand it better for more tweaks.



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2004-11-14 7:10 am
I can help you

Please write your want...

I used Model 33 (same model 22 but has preamp) and modified a lot of monarchy model such as DAC, PREAMP and POWERAMP (I'm service technician)



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