Mods on CEC TL1

i want to do some mods on my drive. I put a LClock XO3 with good result . I plugged the +12V on the 7812S reg. My first question is about this regulator : can i have improvement to plug the S-clock without regulator (on pin 1)?

Can i have improvement if i 'll change regulators, diodes for shottky and capacitors (i'm looking for Black gate) of the PSU ?

Have i to change the small electrolytic capacitors on the logic board ?

is anybody know the reference of the laser of this model, i didn't find it around the lens (it should be a SANYO SOH xxx )

Thanx for your help. :(
You will get better sound from your clock if you give it a dedicated power supply, try the Tent Labs XO Supply.

I had a Roksan transport that had this laser in it SF90 (620-219-2468) and i needed a new one and found it impossible to get now, but since I found the real Sanyo part no. is (620-219-2468) and there maybe something on google for this, just hope you never need to replace it as there is no subsitute for it.

Cheers George