Mods crosoover + BW tweeter


2013-01-15 4:32 pm
It's hard to understand what you are asking or trying to do.

what speaker(s) do you have?
what tweeters do you want to fit to them?

Personally not a big fan of B&W tweeters, they either sound confused, or over excited in my experience - but that's only in comparison to reference level products.


2013-05-10 4:11 pm

Arbitrarily modifying an existing speaker like that is one of the hardest things for newbie's to do. The other hard thing is "I have an old cabinet I want to get drivers for..."

Next, Vifa makes very good drivers. I wouldn't just switch them for a B&W just because of the brand.

Lastly, instead I'd suggest you look at the LM-1 speaker kit. If nothing else you can play with the crossover simulation files and learn just what it takes to make a crossover.