Modifying the layout of speakers ?


2008-01-15 10:18 pm


2006-02-16 10:49 am
It'll have a negative impact on the frequency response, particularly off axis.
Aesthetics is only reason people tend to design center channel speakers in this horizontal configuration. Other than that, I don't think there's really any positive attributes, only negative. On top of that, your front channels should all be identical.


2006-12-10 3:23 pm
You don't really need an identical center, just the same units and crosspoints, and you'll be fine.

The center primarily takes care of the voices in movies.

You can change the setup of the speaker to a center, but I would modify the dappo setup, they do have a bad vertical (laying on the side a bad horizontal) off-axis response. And keep the BR at the back of the speaker.

What you could do is play with boxsim a little, and leave the low-pass away from the two FRS8's and remove the F8 bass speaker. Then change it to an 2.5 way speaker. In this way you should keep a simple and decent (looking) speaker.

Just play with boxsim, and try to keep the FRS8/CP13 crossover point of about 4800Hz the same.

Are you going to build the front and the back of the VOX80? Then you could allways try putting one of the backchannel speakers on the side as a center and leave the backchannel out and give it a try... If you don't like it, give boxsim with the 2.5-way a go.


2008-01-15 10:18 pm
Tnx hpolkerman, I'll give a try just to use the MTM speakers and see what happens.

I did give a try with boxsim, but my german is very lousy.
So that means I'll have to re-do the filters and mod the position of the tweeter to break-up this MTM configuration to avoid the lobing.

If I like the original VOX80 I might make more to be used as rear+lateral chanels (7.1 amp).

Acoustically transparent screen.. the only solution imo.

But I already have a set of B&W LM1 as front speakers.........

BTW, I used to live in holland 4 years, Haarlem, with a couple of trips to Groningen.