Modifying a Music Hall Cruise Control PSU

Hi all,

I have a Music Hall Cruise Control turntable PSU which I am trying to modify to work with 50hz turntable motor and pulley vs. the 60hz it is setup for now. I have the schematic but cannot really get my mind on how to modify it to output a 50hz signal. I have attached the schematic in hope that someone on the forum can assist me with the modification.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • Cruise Control Schematic.pdf
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I think I would go in the other direction: Replace the crystal with 13.5 MHz.

The CC uses freqs of 44.444Hz and 60Hz for 33/45 RPM, using the large spindle on the pulley. Changing the xtal to 10 MHz will make the freqs 37.037Hz and 50Hz. The motor and/or the output transformer will not like this.

If you make the xtal 13.5 MHz, the freqs will be 50Hz and 67.5Hz for 33/45 and you can use the small spindle on the pulley.