Modifying a 5.1 Receiver (Insignia NS-R5100)

Hi everyone, this is my first real post besides the Introduction. I haven't dealt much with home theater 5.1 receivers, but I have this idea in my head for a specific application. I figure that it has 5 identical amplifiers (subwoofer is just a line level output). I want to use it to run 2 sets of speakers, just like the A/B speakers on a normal stereo. No use for the Pro Logic rear calculations... just stereo mode for me.

My speakers are 8 ohms, but the back panel of the receiver (it's an Insignia NS-R5100) labels the terminals as 6 ohms being the minimum impedance, so parallel speaker connections wouldn't be very proper. And I'd rather make use of 4 amps (left, right, surround left, surround right) than just 2 (left, right). One obvious solution would be to use the 5.1 discrete RCA inputs and send my source deck into 4 channels, but then I lose input switching.

Can I easily wire it so that the left and right (presumably line level) signals coming out of the Pro Logic decoder are split into the l/r/ls/rs amp stages?

Thanks for your help.
You could re-route the amplifier input signals, but doing that you would lose 5.1 functionality., unless you put in a switch/relay or something.

Some receivers have what is called "matrix mode" for stereo inputs, which basically sends the L --> FL/LS and R --> FR/RS. You may want to look into that, is if it can do it, then no modifications would be required whatsoever.