Modified Ratshack 40-1042 Openbaffle


2008-01-19 1:02 am
I'll post pics when it is done but I have to say who though you could get great sound for 12 bucks a channel (with the plywood for the baffles about $30 more). The drivers are radio shack 40-1042 replacement full rangers. I put a thin coat of Minwax Lacquer on the cone and two coats on the wizzer. Until I'm done painting the final baffles (4X4 sheets of plywood) they're mounted on cardboard of equal size and in the same position.
They're a HUGE improvement of the old 3-ways I had (no-name brand). Much clearer sound and while the bass is somewhat lacking it also isn't a mucky swamp I could hardly stand. I also like that the Open baffle plays very nicely with my low sloped ceiling (I live in the attic).
I plan on making phase plugs for them but I don't know exactly what I'm doing there. Should the phase plug be a tight or loose fit? Does the material matter?

All in all I'm VERY pleased with my first full range experience!