modified proj. 68 (esp) - could this work


2002-07-21 12:08 pm

i have modified project68 from esp. it should deliver around 540watts in 2ohms. i have used the mj15003/4 as output devices. each side could handle 1000watts (Pd), makes 2000w total Pd. with 1000w for 500w out i hope i'm on the right side to drive 2 ohms. and i would use a 2000watts trafo for a stereo amp.

here is the circuit:


You also need to change the driver transistors from MJ15030/31 to something much beefier. They will smoke very quickly with 1 ohm emitter resistors and 75V rails. I also would add another pair of o/p devices, unless you are not using any insulating washers on the transistors (so separate sinks for NPN and PNP) and a very well cooled heatsink.