Modifications to a Plinius 8200 MKII - any suggestions as to where to start?

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I'm currently planning on modding my Plinius 8200 MKII with better components such as Vishay resistors and V-Cap capacitors where possible. Maybe I'll try some more economical TRT Dynamicaps or Hovland Musicaps as well, particularly for the larger values where V-Caps don't exist. I'm hoping to change parts but maintain the same values all around, but I'm open to suggestions.

The Plinius designers designed a wonderful sounding amp without employing audiophile-grade components. Does this mean either that it won't benefit much from better parts, or does it mean that it has great potential and is just held back by its parts? Obviously I'm hoping for the latter :)

My primary goal is to get more dynamics and immediacy from the amp (hence the use of the Dynamicaps) particularly in terms of low-level microdynamics and also overall dynamics, without adding harshness. I think this will translate partially into better audible resolution and transparency as well. If the soundstage and imaging improves, then that'll be a nice bonus too.

Do you folks have suggestions about the best places to start in terms of bang for the buck? I listen to digital, and I also use the internal phono stage.

My inclination is to start with the volume pot, the output capacitors and some resistors that are obviously in the signal path. I also think I may be able to upgrade some of the op-amps in the preamp section, but I'm not sure f that's risky or if I will find compatible parts. I'll post some details and pictures about the parts I find, and of course my observations about the results along the way.

Plinius integrated

Golly, that is such a fine sounding amp that I'd hesitate to change it
there are always better input and output connectors.....and perhaps some better wire could be used within the unit...using the old "Pooge" ideas.

But me? I don't know if I would get into replacing the caps or resistors.
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