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mMarS CHR-70 boombox


2012-01-21 10:57 pm
Hi Guys,

I have a project that has been brewing for a while now. To build a smallish boombox type system to sit on top of a shelf in the bedroom and make sweet music from an Ipod or cellphone.
WAF dictates that it must be a single box all in one integrated type unit like a 1990's boombox. I'm tying to not go too far over 500mm wide and not too deep either.

My current idea is to build 3 boxes: 2x mMarS CHR-70 speaker boxes, mounted to a centre box housing all the electronics. The centre box is likely to be steel for noise and magnetic shielding with a wooden dressing.

Firstly, does anybody see why this won't work well? I am hoping that mounting the speakers so close together won't degrade sound quality too much. I am guessing that the main loss will be in stereo imaging?

Secondly I have a question regarding the bass response of the mMarS CHR-70 enclosures. Does the bass suffer very much with the sealed enclosure versus a ported enclosure such as the mMar-Ken6.
Is there a ported enclosure plan available for purchase for CHR-70?

Attached is a crude drawing of the basic idea for clarity