Mixer phantom sound & Passive Speaker

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I understand how a notebook computer can amplify backing tracks through a passive speaker with sufficient clarity and volume for a venue that can accommodate some 200 people seated. However, I am unsure regarding the addition of vocals through a Shure SM58 dynamic mic.
My query is whether the phantom power from a Xenyx 802 premium 8 input 2 bus British EQs mixer is adequate for this purpose, or do I need another preamp? In either case, can the two output signals from mic and notebook be connected through one input port in the speaker, or is it better/necessary to input the two signals through separate ports?
I ask through ignorance as is obvious. All help gratefully received and acknowledged.
An SM58 does not need phantom power, and in fact will just ignore it if phantom power is turned on.

The Xenyx 802 is just a mixer, like many others. Nice enough, but not weird in anyway. You can plug as many microphones into it as you have mic jacks. Looks like two. Then you can connect lone level signals to the other inputs, may I assume you have a line out from the computer?

You then blend the signals together, that is the idea of a mixer. Then feed the result to your amp and speaker or powered speaker.
Thankyou Enzo
reply much appreciated. I am still a little perplexed. I thought that a SM58 mic needs amplification to input a signal into a passive speaker. If it bypasses the phantom power of the Xenyx 802, then am I correct in thinking that in addition to the mixer an amplifier is required? if so, then does the amp need to be between the mic and the mixer or the mixer and the speaker? I am not inputing the mic sound through the notebook.
Phantom power does only one thing, it powers a microphone that needs it. It does not amplify anything or drive anything like a speaker. Some condenser mics require a working voltage. Some use batteries inside, and some use phantom power from the mixer.

ANY speaker needs an amplifier to drive it. Some speakers have an amplifier built inside them, and we call those powered speakers. Passive speakers are just speakers in a box with no amplifier, like most home speakers. They require an amplifier. Your mixer only makes a blend of signals, it does not have any power amp to drive speakers. This is a totally separate thing from phantom power and microphones.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.