Mixer, Crossover, Amps & Speaker Connection

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I’m new at this & I’m trying to set up a sound system at my place for family gatherings and such. Could anyone direct me as to how would I connect the following equipment?
Thank you very much for your time and patience.

• XENYX 1222FX Mixer
• 1 Crown Powerbase 3 Amp
• 1 Behringer EP2500 Amp
• 2 Behringer B212XL Speakers
• 2 Behringer EUROLIVE VP1800S Subwoofer
ok on another level can you tell me if you own and know how to use a multimeter or what kind of background you have with electronics if any?
not that it's a requirement.
is this stuff used,new all working or don't know?
the reason i asked about your troubleshooting and skills is that it may come into play if we have to diagnose cables and interconnects to insure proper functionality of your system
ok i hope i haven't offended you in any way,just needed to evaluate your abilities.
after doing a little research on the gear you've got the crossover you have is going to be an issue it's a three/four way and your boxes are passive two way top's and sub's correct?
sorry just reread the manual online yes you indeed have a stereo two way configuration mode.
so from x-over low out's would go to the Crown pb3 to drive your sub's and the high out's would go to the ep2500 to run your top's
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just run the main mix xlr's to the x-over inputs as a habit i run left out to x-over input 1 and right to input 2 and follow that through to the amps making input 1 of each amp left as in crown pb3 in 1 sub left and in 1 of the ep2500 left high and so on for the right,this usually results in a pretty logical layout of controls and clip indicators once you have this patched together you'll probably see what i mean when you start to tune things.
it would simply be inline as in mixer out eq in eq out to x-over
some consoles/mixers have inserts for this but that's another lesson after you've moved up the learning curve a bit!
if your unclear or need to ask about anything else please let me know.

p.s. welcome to the forum!
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.