Mission Cyrus Two as mono block?

Hi richie00boy.

thanks for your quick reply. But I don´t understand your answer. In the Cyrus 1/2 service manual I found this:
The two pins marked "M" have to be bridged and the link X12 has to be removed.
There is nothing written that I need another preamp. I need to know how to attacha record player with this configuration then. Left channel only attached to one Cyrus"/PSX combo, right channel only attached to the other then? Will it double the power of the combo? I would think so, otherwise it doesn´t make sense to me.

Thanks again for clearing things up here!

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..........In the Cyrus 1/2 service manual I found this:
The two pins marked "M" have to be bridged and the link X12 has to be removed.
post the whole paragraph around your quoted extract.
I would not expect the PSXed Cyrus Two to be suitable for bridged operation.
The total maximum power from the bridged amp into 8ohms would be double the total delivered into two 8ohm speakers, i.e. 40W+40W into 8r0 becomes ~150W into 8r0.
That is asking a lot from the Cyrus Two internals.
Quote from the Cyrus 1/2 service manual:

"Setting for mono operation
For certain applications (e.g. bi-amping), it is possible to operate the Cyrus Two as a mono amplifier. This is achieved by linking the two pins marked "M" (adjacent toR49 and R50) and removing the link X12 (adjacent to the above pins). Input to the right channel is then (via any of the line inputs or the phono input) routed to both output channels." End quote

Does this mean I have to connect the left channel of the turntable to one mono Cyrus 2/PSX combo and the right channel of the turntable to the other mono Cyrus2/PSX combo?


that's more like it.
Cyrus Two in mono operation feeding the same input signal to both amplifiers.

Two Cyrus Two would be required for Stereo operation when they are converted to mono operation.

This is not bridging, nor is it parallel. The two amp channels are fed the same input signal and the two output are connected to two speakers/drivers. this is Bi-amping in it's original (British) meaning.
Two amps to drive the two halves of the passive crossover inside the two way speaker.
it does not increase the power.

Bi-amping is using two amplifiers to drive one two way speaker.
One amp drives the half of the crossover that feeds part of the frequency range to one driver.
The other amp drives the other half of the crossover that feeds the other part of the frequency range to the other driver.
There are a number of advantages.
1.) it forces one to adopt separate cables to feed the two halves of the crossover.
2.) it reduces the load on the amplifiers.
3.) it reduces load on the PSU
4.) it allows very short speaker cables to be used.
These four taken together make a very audible difference to the sound and more particularly when long cables were used from an amplifier that was produced down to a price.

Some argue that Bi-amping is a waste of time and resources, I completely disagree with that view.
Is it good value for money? That I can't answer. Try it, if you have two PSX and two Cyrus Two.
OK, think I understood the advantages. But still remains my question: How do I connect my turntable, CD, etc. Right channel to righr Cyrus TWO/PSX combi, left chanel to left Cyrus Two/PSx combo? Placing the Cyrus Two/PSX units near the left and right speaker respectively? A picture says more than 1000 words ;-)



I know the tread is old, but I am new owner of 2 C2 and 2PSX and want them to drive my Mission 753 as monoblocks, so interested in the topic. Did you succed in your attempt? I am still not sure how to drive them- as monoblocks or shoud the one combo drive the highs and mids and the second combo the bass? In that way, I will be able to control the volume of the bass separaly, in mono not...