Mission 783 Midrange and 780 Woofer wanted

I have one pair of Mission 780 and one 783. In 780 the woofer terminal wires have broken (because corosion???) and i repaired these by replacing these with simple cable (the local agency sale the replacement woofers for 110Euros each). Also i had the same problem in 783 Midranges (replacements cost 150Euros/speaker in Greece) and i made the same repair procedure. Although the speakers works without problem now, their performance it is reduced because the treatment in the spiders and the amount of epoxy glue used to fix the cable and the coil wire (0,5mm2) on the voice coil neck.
Have you any idea where i can find replacement speakers in logical price? Is there anyone (from Europe) which sell the replacement speakers?

Hi Fotios,

If I can be of any help, you have to find a factory of those speaker drivers... and go by to buy them at a cheaper price. Or ask from a mail (website) catalog if you can find one similar, but I don't know this reference of yours and if it can be replaced or not (for a cheaper price). :film:

Another idea to buy a new (or a brand new kit of speakers) one is to speak with Peter Comeau at World Designs and to say the same you are telling us, maybe he can be of any help to you.


You will end having to pay for postage anyway, if you buy from UK.