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Misc. ST-bulb (coke-bottle shape) tubes (and two GT-bulb) FS

A bunch of miscellaneous ST-bulb tubes (and two GT-bulb). All tubes tested good on Hickok TV-7A/U tube tester, except where noted. Tube ratings on TV7 noted after price. All tubes used except where "NOS" noted.

ST-bulb tubes:
1- 27 $7.00 TV7: 42
2- 41 $4.00 ea. TV7: 71, 77
1- 42 $4.00 TV7: 77
1- 75 $4.00 TV7: 29-T/50-D1/52-D2
1- 80 $8.00 TV7: 47/44
1- 2X2 $2.00 NOS in box (did not open)
1- 6A7 $5.00 TV7: 56
1- 6F7 $5.00 TV7: 44-P/17-T

GT-bulb types:
1- 1A5GT $2.00 NOS in box (did not open)
1- RCA 930 $5.00 Could not test (photodiode tube, not listed on tester)

Will also sell whole batch for $40. If you buy the batch, I'll also throw in another 75, that tests weak (but works).

Shipping would be USPS Priority Mail, which should be about $6 per any one package, for anywhere in the continental USA. Maybe a bit more for the whole batch.

Contact: Gordon- email ( [email protected] ).