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Miro PCM63 DAC

Spare set of Miro PCM63 DAC for sale. i2s inputs on board.
Circuit design and board info available here:
You need a PSU and I2s source and a pair of single op amp for this DAC to function. Look at the info in the thread to see the PSU requirements.

Board fully populated with good quality caps eg. Panasonic FC, Panasonic FM, Nichicon KZ, Kemet mkp caps, Epcos film caps, low noise non-magnetic resistors, panasonic smd ceramic caps., good quality Nextron IC sockets.

You will be supplied with a pair of unused PCM63P-K chips. They are 100% new, with 'virgin legs' and you will need to press the legs inwards to insert into the IC sockets. Please see the pictures showing the legs. I used my own pair of PCM63 to test this board and will not send these to the buyer.

Please note that I will not be providing the IV op amp.

Price is $200USD, including shipping registered worldwide. Pictures to follow.
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Pictures for your reference.


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