Minimum Bias Current for Zen?

The original Zen article calls for an Avel 4040 which is 25v x 25v at 230 va. That secondary is good for around 4.6 amps. If you multiply your sec. volts x sec amps your looking at around 60 va. This is only 1/4 of what is called for and seems to be pushing it a lot. It's your call but be prepared to lose your transformer as it will attempt to supply the circuit with whatever it demands current wise. Nelson over rates power supplies though I think he only doubles or triples them. Your only looking at around 60.00 bucks for the Avel and I think the're still in business. Good Luck:cool:
After further checking the supply for Nelsons modified Zen is 30volts at 5 amps this is a little closer at 150va. Nelson states that he actually preffered the PI filter over the regulated supply though can't explain why. As for your current source question we'll have to wait for someone else to answer that and they'll probably be checking in soon. Good Luck.

Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
Yeah, it's a little weak, although you can make 1.6
amps work, particularly if it's constant, but you'll
be running the supply at its rating, which is not usually
a good idea.

One of the things about regulated switching supplies supplies
is that when they say 1.6 amp, you don't want to imagine
1.7 amps for even a fraction of a second, whereas good
old analog (and unregulated) supplies will deliver more
poop for short durations without a fuss.