MiniDSP direct to Apple TV by I2S?

From what Iv'e read and discovered so far is that nobody has fed a minidsp I2S signal without a miniDIGI. I have been tempted to try a apple tv because it samples everything to 48kHz only and that is exactly what the minidsp needs. The only problem is that the clock rate needs to be devided in half for the miniDSP to 12.288mHz from the Apple TV's 24.576mHz clock.
I personally think this would be a very good mod and would keep components down to a minimum including costs this setup would cost $250 and be pretty flexible and great sounding. As everything is bottlenecked at 48Khz.

The Squeezbox Touch requires the 22.5792 MHz clock to generate data streams at 44.4 and 88.8 KHz sample rates, and the 24.576 MHz clock for 48 and 96 Khz sample rates. This complicates things compared to the apple TV running at 48k only.

Let's make it happen.:cool:
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