MiniAMP i2s source


2009-05-02 3:46 am
Hi all
I have been dragged kicking and screaming into digital amps having started in valves more than 40 years ago.

Lately I have been using my laptop with Creative x-fi USB device to deliver analogue to three tripath amps that deliver 5.1. Speakers are very efficient Altec both front and rear. Before that used philips digital home theater.

Now I'm trying to take the next step to full digital. I've got two miniAmps and want to run one as 20w front channels and the other configured for 10w in the other 5.1 channels. On the way I have learnt about sp/dif giving just two channels without a decoder.

So my question is how best to derive i2s output for my miniAMPS?

Possible sources are my numerous philips HT amplifiers, LX9000r and LX3900SA for example. Ideally though I would like to derive an I2S source from my laptop. I know a number of PCI audio cards have I2S outputs available. I have read that a Ethernet connection might offer the easiest
route. Does anyone know of a board or device that isn't too expensive?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.