Mini LED projector

Always look at Native Resolution

I have own many big and small projector over the years. The one you listed has a resolution of only 320x240, which is really bad. It will be very grainy. The highest resolution pico projectors I know of is the Sony "MP-CL1" and the "Celluon PicoPro" which are 1920x720 (Full HD would be 1920x1080, which they are not). They have a good image for their size and are laser projectors. They don't require focusing (which is nice). But they are much more expensive. I have the Sony.

To get Full HD (1920x1080) the project will weight several pounds, and be much larger (Currently). There is talk of pico size projects being released later this year, or first part of next year, with full HD. This is due to the fact that TI just released a much smaller and cheaper Full HD DLP chip.

You may be able to get by with a 720p project for things like Netflix or Hulu. There are a few small project for 720p.

Always look for the Native Resolution. The one you listed has a Native Resolution 320x240. It will downscale 1080p (1920x1080) to 320x240. I will look poor on anything but a postage stamp. Don't mean to be critical .... just helpful.

What do you want it for?
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Yeah thanks - actually I want to use it for the usual stuff- TC, movies, Flight Simulation including RC simulation.

I noticed the native resolution which is low, I don't really want a small projector just a low cost one with LED so I do not have to replace and be careful with the bulb. But that's an option.

Downloaded some pictures and resized them to 320x240 and the other projector I am looking at now at 800x480.

I see what you mean. The low resolution image looks grainy on my notebook PC. I think the 800x480 with the 3000 lumens seems better. That one looks ok, close up and the same effective size on a wall 3 metres away will be acceptable.
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People have hacked some LCD and DLP projectors to use LEDs. Probably at much lower brightness than the original lamps, but maybe good enough for a dark room. Projectors needing relamping should be very cheap if not free. Try asking at computer recycling yards.
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I would also take the lumen ratings of these with a large grain of salt. Most of these are rather dim, and good for only small images. As you get out of the Pico range, and into those with bigger cases and more weight to them have decent brightness.

And as mentioned, most are DLP chips at 800x480. You'll end up with 800x450 for your HD input.
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Update: I purchased a mini LED projector several years ago, and it works fine. It is not very bright, but at 45 inch projected size, is bright enough. I used it as a replacement for a LED tv that broke down.

For film - like large screen experiences, 100 + sizes, it is simply not bright or clear enough, just acceptable. Hope to post a picture.
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Images of projection area

Projected image indoors at about 9 am on a cloudy day, 1 metre from wall (off-white wall) , 1 metre is the minimum distance. For comparison the same image of a computer screen at 30 cm. In dark room, at close to minimum distance it is acceptable. Great for flight simulator programs, the increased field of view helps to land the plane, for example, better visual clues from runway.


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