Mini Aleph with 20v smps

Thanks to Nelson, we enjoy listening to our amps as people who have somehow reached the great class a amp sound. but from now on, our new diyer friends will not be able to reach some components very easily or they will not want to enter into complex works. My dear friend Erdal, with the precision of this, modified aleph by making it simpler, more compact and cheaper, and concluded it successfully. later on, he will also participate in this title and will provide you with more detailed information. Let me just open the title with a few photos and videos. cheers.
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good work

though - "simpler" only if someone else does all smd work, not even asking what that small thumbchip with zillion of pins is doing there

example of simple is Dana's Mini Aca;

for most Greedy Boyz around major factor in simplification isn't exactly minimisation of number of parts involved, but completion of majority of all hardware involved

you want to make DIY-er happy - give him opportunity to take fullllllllllll kit, or at least organize a way to buy everything in one place