Midwoofer Concerns

Hey all. I'm still thinking of building myself a set of mains someplace widely around $1800.

I'm a bit of a fan of the <a href="http://home.hetnet.nl/~geenius/index.html">Andromeda</a> and <a href="http://members.home.nl/edgar.beers/">GeeRs eVe II</a>. The enclosure itself looks the part, and I cant help but imagine just how amazing they'll sound. I do have a number of couple concerns / thoughts and notes though, and I'm hoping for some feedback.

My first thought is that perhaps I could get a little bit better power handling from the system. While I cant possibly disagree with the quality of the 18W8545, I cant help but yern for something capable of perhaps a touch more than 100 watts. I'm hoping there might be a bit better choice I could make that'd give me the power handling I want, along with the quality.

I should have a nice BluePrint subwoofer with the system, so the lower range should be pretty well covered. This, however, leaves me feeling mid-range impaired, which makes me consider going from a TM to a MTM design for the upper block of the system.

I'm going to have to rely on a whole lot of help for the crossover. I'm a bit worried about that. Thankfully, theres a nice pro audio store down the street that would most likely not mind helping me tune the system. No clue what the results would mean. If anyone's willing to help my sorry ***, I'd be infintely appreciative.