Midrange match for XT25SC90-04??

Zero Cool

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2004-09-20 6:10 am
I am looking to design a small satellite system using the XT25SC90-04 tweeter and a small 3-4" mid-woofer in a small top cab and a 8" woofer mounted in a separate cab.

I want to run the sat module down to at least 300hz if not 200hz so the midrange driver needs to be pretty wide bandwith. Most of the 3-4" drivers i have found have a low sensitivity. But the Tang Band W4-930SF looks very interesting. wide and flat from below 200hz out past 3-4khz and [email protected] where the XT25 is 91db so I wouldn't have to pad it much. most other small drivers are at 85db or less. and there isn't room to mount a 5" driver. a 3" would be an ideal size but a 4" will just fit.

The biggest problem is that this needs to mount in a very shallow but wide area so i cant use a mid driver with a giant magnet on the back. I might be able to raise the crossover point from the woofer to the mid but i want to try and keep as much up top as possible as the woofers will most likely be placed at knee level or otherwise not in a direct plane to the ear.

any other suggestions for a small midrange driver to mate to the XT25?
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Will these suffice? SC50 and SC90 are not that different. Sat will go to about 114 Hz, so within your range. You won't really find a 3" with a 91dB sensitivity like you want.


Let me know if you have questions...