midrange choice from 200hz to 5000hz?


2005-01-21 10:00 pm
hey all my first post :)

anyway Im new to the whole DIY speaker crowd and Im runnign a three way in my car

Im looking at the following midranges for the price vs performance

VIFA PL11WH09-08

VIFA MG10MD09-08

AURA NS3-193-8A (if these Id use 4 since the sensitivity and power is so low)

I have abou 0.1-0.2 liters avaliable

I need somthing no more than 5" around and no more than 3" deep

for those expereinced DIY'ers which of these is the "best" impactful, natural dedicated midrange

since they are all around the same price

I would use the CSS mid but I think they need to much sealed volume for me to use them where IM going to put them (in the apillars)