Midbass-10"/12" to bridge Audax PR170/PHL 1120 & BMS 18N862.

I am building a high sensitivity(DSP) 4-way system, for movies/music. HF108 will be on top, Audax PR170/PHL 1120 shall be the medium; 18N862 will handle the lowest octaves in a sealed enclosure(120)Ltrs! Mid-range is suited for >400hz crossover, I need a mid-bass driver(should not take much enclosure volume) to handle 120hz-500hz, it should handle the octaves above/below the crossover points with out much breakup/distortion.

I need recommendation for a 10" or 12" Mid-bass.

10" will be a smaller enclosure regardless.
And since midbass on highpass.
Could be sealed as well.

If Qts is low enough then box can be even smaller.

I would look for a matching 10" BMS driver
with lower Qts and low inductance for highend.
Doesnt need to be a Xmax monster or large voice coil.
Likely Fs will be high.

10" drivers for more bass will have low sensitivity.
So your looking for something to get close to 96 dB.
Hence high Fs and low inductance 10" drivers will clue
you in your search.
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Also possible to look at PHL or Audax since that is the mid your going for. Might be the natural choice with similar cone materials etc.

And still to this day, at 12" the good old 2206H for 120-150$ used.
Well behaved and easy to work with, well documented, decent xmax, power handling etc.
Very hard to beat for the money used.
I have used the Beyma MC 500 https://www.beyma.com/en/products/c/low-mid-frequency/110G48/altavoz-10g40-8-oh/ in a small sealed box (14 liters) and loved the results, I used from about 80Hz up to around 800Hz with a DBX PA 2 crossover.
Over your 120Hz to 500Hz, it will hold very high SPL (over 118dB) at max power of 500 watts.
Here is a Sim with just 100 watts and 2.5mm Xmax (7mm max) and it easily holds 110 dB... At sane listening levels the distortion is ultra low and it sounds really textured and detailed.
I still have the loudspeakers in my upstairs system used as a two way (Beyma TPL 200 on top) and with corner placement you actually dont need to EQ that much to get great bass all the way to around 50 Hz.

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In a sealed box[50-65 ltrs] 15PR400 has best F3@60Hz, with intended crossover around 100-120 hz, 15PR will need less eq than others.
8ohm version of 15PR has sensitivity of 99db, taking into consideration BSC, effective will be 94db after which crossover shall suc some more sensitivity, PHL 1120 is 96db sensitivity.