Mid ss 10f/4424g: Wanted tweeter with a small flange

SB Acoustics SB29 neo? For more money maybe the Scan-Speak 602010, or one of the many other neo tweeters Scan do, but the SB is probably the best value apart from various very cheap Vifa, Audax or Peerless units. Even though the 10F can go high, it may still be better crossing lower, at 2k or so. I've got 10Fs too, but after considering small sealed boxes and neo dome tweeters, perhaps combined with SEAS L26ROYs to make a 3-way system, mine are going into a pair of NaO Notes.
I have begun the build, but only as far as marking out the main baffle. I also have a pair of U-frames, as yet unused, from an uncompleted NaO II build. I'll be using the Peerless XLS 10s (830452) I already have, rather than the newer XXLS drivers (835016) specified for the Note- although as you know, there is support for that option in the plans, depending how the AXO is populated. I have yet to purchase the ER18s. The main panels will be a lamination of 12mm Panzerholz and 6mm birch ply, the latter is still to be acquired.

Rather than drag the OPs thread off track, perhaps you could start a build thread? I'm intending to, but my track record of documenting builds is not good!
Sorry Makc, I meant to add that I have recently heard the SB29- in unfamiliar circumstances- and thought it sounded very good. Or at least it was letting the system it was in sound very good in the treble. You are better off with a smaller flange if you want to cross high to avoid 'combing' effects between the drivers, but it would also look better. This may not be an issue for you, but the 10F is so small it might look a bit comical partnered with a 100mm faceplate tweeter!