Microphone level balanced XLR mixer outputs?


2010-06-05 5:28 pm
hey all,

I was looking at some other mixers for ideas for my own mixer, and I noticed that some of Mackie's newer mixers have a switch that swaps the level of the output of the main mix XLR connectors from line level to mic level. This would be a useful feature to have in my mixer since when me and my band gig, we end up patching our current mixer to the house mixer, where we often have to go unbalanced to avoid sending a line level signal to a microphone level input.

Does anyone know of a circuit that can take an unbalanced post-fader, pre-balanced line driver signal and then convert it to balanced microphone level? I already have provision set up on the mixer to switch between the current line driver and the mic level circuit. I would only like for the mic circuit to not need phantom power. Some of our frequent gigs were on house mixers that had to rely on an external phantom power supply as the house mixer at some of those gigs had no internal phantom power.