Micrometals / Arnold inductor design software


Even though i've been using these programs for some time now, i'm still a bit confused *IF* and how these could be used for class-D output filter design.

From what i could figure out, the 'DC biased' design section seems to be the closest match for such design purposes. The confusing part is, you can't input a negative voltage in the 'off voltage' section (which would be the case in a symmetrical-supply half-bridge design). If the 'off' voltage is zero, i get a big fat blank in the 'core loss' column, which definitely can't be right.

I know i would (and i'm pretty sure also others) appreciate some pointers on if and how these tools could be used for a (more) realistic estimation of real-world operating conditions / parameters, to aid in the choice and design of suitable inductors.

Best regards,