Mfg: ReQuest IMC IQ88


2010-09-12 7:26 pm
I have a Mfg: ReQuest IMC IQ88 power amp (16 channels, 1800W) that was working just fine until I started connecting it to a greater number of speakers. When it was hooked up in 6 rooms it was doing great, then we went to 8 speakers and now it is exhibiting the following problem:

It will power up, but no outputs are operable. The relays do not seem to be activating for the zones. I have noted that when I lightly tap on the MCU board relay (P/N: SJ-S-112-DM), then the other relays power on. I can get a datasheet for this part or buy them, but I am also trying to locate either a datasheet for this amp pinout(P/N:STK410-030) (which I believe is also a Sanyo) and or a schematic for the entire ReQuest unit. I have heard that a PAC011A is a compatible part for this amp. Does anyone know this to be true?
ReQuest has been less than helpful. They say the unit was mfg by someone else offshore, they won't give me the name of the mfg. and they say that they do not have a schematic. Any thoughts or advice on getting this unit playing again would be appreciated.