MF x10v3, xcans v3, trivista, a5 outputstage

here's a treat for y'all, schematic of these mf items, not done the values yet, the x10v3 is virtaully identical to the xcansv3, and the a5 cd output stage after the filters, which incidentally is a combination of the xdac v3 and x10dv3!! the xrayv3 is the filters of the a without the x-10d tagged on.




2004-10-17 7:08 pm
Have you finsihed the reverse engineering?

lt cdr data,

Your schematic should work if you change Q1, Q2, Q3 Q4, Q5 for NPNs and Q7 for PNP, as well as the direction for D3 and D4. Q1 & Q2 need to be matched and thermally coupled (current mirror). This is a nice old classic op amp topology, yet with a tube differential pair....

Are you done with the values?

Do you also have the schematic of the kW hybrid preamp?