Metal Box Question and Poll

Am I a bad dad?

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Hi Gentlemen,

I've been on the DIY for a while now and this is my first every poll.

This is a rather unusual poll and I am feeling really horrible about my
self. You might say that I am actually ashamed about what I'm going
to reveal. Maybe you can help me with some of my built by answering
the question in my poll.

This is what I did with my little girl this afternoon:

I bought the boxes shown for my girl, but not really.
She can't even do big puzzles, or barely can do them,
however I can use the boxes for a build of mine and
they'll hold batteries too. I can put the circuit in it
and the jacks out the front. I even test the metal
to ensure they were magnetic.

I'll just put the puzzle pieces in ziplock baggies
as she will never know the difference.

Should I feel bad about this?

Have you ever done anything similar?

How terrible a father am I?

Thank you for your comments and voting.


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