Memphis PR 2.150 Outputs

I have a Memphis PR 2.150 amp that has 3 pairs of MP/MN2510 output transistors per channel.1 of each are shorted in the left channel.
I have been searching and I found an obscure data sheet in Chinese.From what I can tell the specs are very similar to the TIP35/36(which I have plenty).
Does any one know if they are interchangeable?
Or a better sub?
Obviously I would replace all 3 pairs in the bad channel and try to leave the right channel stock(if possible).
This will vary by the design of the circuit you're using them in. I have not tried substituting them in any memphis amp. If you do, you need to bring the amp up to the point where it goes into thermal shutdown to confirm that the bias is holding. There are some amps that will not hold the bias and will go into thermal avalanche which will cause the amp to fail.

When you're testing it, you need to check the idle current cold (no audio), then drive it into a load to heat it up. Check it every few minutes to confirm that the idle current has not increased. Do this until it goes into thermal protection. When it goes into thermal protection, remove the signal source and watch the idle current as it comes out of thermal protection.

When doing this, have all covers installed.