Memphis 16-mc1000d

See attached. What do you need the schematic diagram for? I don't have one but I may be able to tell you what you need to know.


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As a EE by trade, I was interested in cloning these amps, for my own sinister reasons, mainly because I want to/can.

Just saves me time from stripping a board down, and REing the circuit.

Just for future reference.

D55 = YG225N2
D56 = YG225C2
D57 = YG225C2
D58 = YG225N2

Q16 = IRF3205
Q17 = IRF3205
Q19 = IRF3205
Q20 = IRF3205
Q21 = IRF3205
Q22 = IRF3205
Q23 = IRF3205
Q24 = IRF3205

Q211 = IRF9640
Q212 = IRF9640
Q213 = IRF9640
Q214 = IRF9640
Q215 = IRF640
Q216 = IRF640

Q251 = IRF9640
Q252 = IRF9640
Q253 = IRF9640
Q254 = IRF9640
Q255 = IRF640
Q256 = IRF640

Thanks Perry, hope I can help you out some day, you give so much and ask so little :)
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Got the new smps fets in today, powered the front-end up, with the outputs and driver cards removed, idle was 1.5amps, Voltage was quite sufficient, and nothing overheated, ill be rebuilding the driver cards, as I found both to have a few cold joints, and the gate drivers shorted. New parts get here next week, Hope I have time to get to the xtant 300.1, and the hifonics TXI7508 sitting on the shelf.
Got it back up and running, idle with no audio is 1.4amps, after the relay closes, all is well, minus this crazy high pitch squeal, some times it fades out, and wont come back for 10~15mins, then once again, right back to the noise! the trimmer's don't change the sound, no matter the position, removed all the caps and tested them for leakage, none detected by me, but there is a cap, in front of the audio driver card (the card with the defaced IC's) that if I touch the body of it, the squeal goes through the roof, replaced it with a really nice rubycon black gate, same deal..

Perry, you ever seen this? I figure it has to be a ground, or lack there of.